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  • ​Airless pump bottle Lotion pump bottles

  • Empty cream bottles

  • Ointment containers

  • Lip-balm tubes

  • Lip balm Sticks

  • Lip balm Bottles

  • Moisturizer pump bottles

  • Paste Containers

  • Scrub with Granules

Based in Midrand, South Africa - we're suppliers of premium cosmetic packaging to beauty brands in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia and the rest of Africa. We offer the following:

Airless pump bottles,Lotion pump bottles, Empty cream bottle, Ointment containers, Lip-balm tubes, Lip balm Stick, Lip balm Bottles, Moisturizer pump bottle, Paste Containers, Scrub with Granules

About Us

We are the industry leaders in cosmetic packaging solutions. With two directors, one vision and a brilliant team, we at Floraison are here to change the packaging scene in South Africa.

Located in Midrand, we offer the most comprehensive range of the latest trending quality airlessbottles. From silver wrapped and double wall enclosures to fully customized colours and textures,
we strive for excellence and excellence alone for one purpose, to elevate the business of our clientele.

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