Cosmetic Packaging

Floraison Cosmetic Packaging also offers bulk and wholesale cosmetic packaging. While we do not have Minimum Order Quantities you have to fulfill; you're also welcome to order in bulk.


Whenever we're faced with corporate lingo such as with the words wholesale and bulk - we may often

be bombarded with images of charts, a long list of tiny-font prices on an endless Excel spreadsheet and long conversations over a phoneline. This, however - is far from what we offer at Floraison. We combine experience and mobility to provide you

with the quickest service you have ever experienced. Simply tell us what you want. Where you want it.

And - it will be in your possession in no time. No contracts. No charts. No Excel spreadsheets. No endless meetings.

Just quick and simplified wholesale cosmetic packaging solutions you can depend on for large or small orders. 

Quick & Simplified


Foam Pump & Lipbalm Tube

White and glossy Deodorant/Lipbalm Tube with the transparent Foam Pump bottle.

150ml Natural White-07.png

150ml Natural & White

Natural/Clear bottle with a white collar, a white pump and a large bottle,


Clear & Matt Silver Range

Portable, lightweight airless pump bottles with

a matt silver collar, bottom and cap.


At Floraison we pride ourselves in serving both newly-established and well-established beauty brands with the same vigor - whether your products are filled in bulk at a specialized filling company or whether you fill the products yourself at home; we will do our best to tend to your needs and offer you a sustainable solution. You can personally collect the items. Alternatively, simply opt for delivery to wherever you are located in South Africa! East London. Durban. Mbombela. Johannesburg. Cape Town.  Whether it is samples or an actual order; rest assured that your goods will be delivered in no time! We offer the most modern wholesale cosmetic containers with a smile on our faces and an efficiency you can always depend on. 


We do not have minimum order quantities so you can literally purchase any number of items on the products page. In the case that it is your first time placing an order with Floraison Cosmetic Packaging and you're not entirely sure how you should go about placing your order. Read on to find out how to get your order prepared and delivered to your doorstep in record time:

1. From your preferred browser, visit www.floraison.net. You may skip  this step if you already happen to be reading this step from the Floraison website. Please proceed to step to if you are already on www.floraison.net.

2. Once you have landed on the homepage, select 'Products' from the menu using your mouse or your finger if you're visiting the website on an android/apple device.

3. Once the 'Products' page has been loaded; you will be presented with a panoramic view of all the products/bottles on offer. To view any of the products in detail, click on the product to explore it further.

4. Once you have clicked on a product, a page dedicated to the product will show up. On this page, you can find the features of the item as well as images of the bottle.

5. To place an order/request a quote for the product, simply click on the button that reads 'Request Quote', which can be found beneath the bottle's description and feature list.

6. Once clicked, a form will load and appear. To proceed with placing an order/requesting a quote - simply fill in your details. Be sure to fill in the bottle item of your interest in the text field box found at the bottom of the form. Use the 'Our Products' list right above the text field for reference.

7. Once done, simply click on the 'Submit' button to have your invoice/quote finalized.

Items from the Matt Silver range. Transparent packaging for creams, gels and liquid substances.