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2023 Catalogue

While no single product is perfect, some products simply have more to offer than others. We have a wide range of transparent and non-transparent cosmetic packaging items on offer. Visit the products page on the Floraison website to view these. Also, consider visiting our showroom to interact with the bottles! Our showroom is open on Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm. We're located in Pretoria on 121 Rodene Road, Lynnrodene.
Feel free to stop by and interact with the bottles today! Visit the Contact page on the Floraison website to find directions or call 087 265 5939.

Want to see how compatible your products are with airless packaging?

We deliver samples anywhere in South Africa.

A number of clear & matte airless pump bottles filled with colorful liquids such as moisturizer, toner and lotion
  • ​Airless pump bottle Lotion pump bottles

  • Empty cream bottles

  • Ointment containers

  • Lip-balm tubes

  • Lip balm Sticks

  • Lip balm Bottles

  • Moisturizer pump bottles

  • Paste Containers

  • Scrub with Granules

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