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Foam Pump & Lipbalm Tube

White and glossy Deodorant/Lipbalm Tube with the transparent Foam Pump bottle.


Clear & Shiny Silver Range

Transparent bottles with a shiny silver cap and a shiny silver collar with a white pump.


Clear & Matt Silver Range

Portable, lightweight airless pump bottles with

a matt silver collar, bottom and cap.

150ml Natural White-07.png

150ml Natural & White

Large natural airless pump bottle with

anti-clogging pump and dispense features.


120ml White & Matt Silver

Glossy, double-walled airless pump bottle with a white inner bottle and a matt collar.

Airless 50ml Clear & Shiny Silver

Airless 30ml Clear & Shiny Silver

Airless 30ml Clear & Matt Silver

Airless 15ml Clear & Matt Silver

Airless 120ml White & Shiny Silver

Airless 50ml White & Shiny Silver

Airless 200ml Natural & Matt Silver

Airless 150ml Natural & White

Airless 50ml Natural & Matt Silver

Airless 120ml White & Matt Silver

100ml Clear & White Foam Pump

15ml Deodorant / Lipbalm Tube

Airless 50ml Complete Silver

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Lend a distinctive look and feel to your cosmetic brand ranges with our airless packaging solutions and make your beauty products stand apart from the products of the competitors.

Want to see how compatible your products are with airless packaging?

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  • ​Airless pump bottle Lotion pump bottles

  • Empty cream bottles

  • Ointment containers

  • Lip-balm tubes

  • Lip balm Sticks

  • Lip balm Bottles

  • Moisturizer pump bottles

  • Paste Containers

  • Scrub with Granules

Based in Midrand, South Africa - we're suppliers of premium cosmetic packaging to beauty brands in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia and the rest of Africa. We offer the following:

Airless pump bottles,Lotion pump bottles, Empty cream bottle, Ointment containers, Lip-balm tubes, Lip balm Stick, Lip balm Bottles, Moisturizer pump bottle, Paste Containers, Scrub with Granules