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Lend a distinctive look and feel to your cosmetic brand ranges with our airless packaging solutions and make your beauty products stand apart from the products of the competitors.

Airless 50ml Clear & Shiny Silver

Airless 30ml Clear & Shiny Silver

Airless 15ml Clear & Shiny Silver

Airless 30ml Clear & Matt Silver

Airless 15ml Clear & Matt Silver

Airless 120ml White & Shiny Silver

Airless 80ml White & Shiny Silver

Airless 50ml White & Shiny Silver

Airless 200ml Natural & Matt Silver

Airless 150ml Natural & White

Airless 50ml Natural & Matt Silver

Airless 120ml White & Matt Silver

100ml Clear & White Foam Pump

15ml Deodorant / Lipbalm Tube

Airless 50ml Complete Silver

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We deliver samples anywhere in South Africa.

  • ​Airless pump bottle Lotion pump bottles

  • Empty cream bottles

  • Ointment containers

  • Lip-balm tubes

  • Lip balm Sticks

  • Lip balm Bottles

  • Moisturizer pump bottles

  • Paste Containers

  • Scrub with Granules

Based in Midrand, South Africa - we're suppliers of premium cosmetic packaging to beauty brands in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia and the rest of Africa. We offer the following:

Airless pump bottles,Lotion pump bottles, Empty cream bottle, Ointment containers, Lip-balm tubes, Lip balm Stick, Lip balm Bottles, Moisturizer pump bottle, Paste Containers, Scrub with Granules