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A set of airless pump bottles on a white, glossy surface. There are a variety types of plastic bottles in the image, including a white bottle with a shiny silver collar, and two more plastic bottles, both fitted with transparent containers and a matte and glossy appeareance.



A set of airless pump bottles organized and arranged on a shiny platform.


We are the industry leaders in cosmetic packaging solutions.
With one vision and a brilliant team, we are here to change the packaging scene in South Africa.


No more fancy suits that only look good and cannot deliver. Our team is small but efficient in combining experience and mobility to provide you with the quickest quality service you have ever experienced.

A graphic illustration of the Floraison flower icon found in the logo, with a transparent background.
A 15ml airless plastic pump bottle with a transparent container, a shiny silver cap, collar and a shiny silver bottom. The cosmetic packaging item is relatively glossy and has a transparent background.
A 15ml Clear & Shiny bottle against a transparent background.


A foam pump bottle next to a lipbalm container to the right. On the left is a puddle of foam dispensed from the foam pump bottle.

Foam Pump & Lipbalm Tube

White and glossy Deodorant/Lipbalm Tube with the transparent Foam Pump bottle.

Two airless clear and matte pump bottles. One if floating and the other one is placed on a shiny surface.

Clear & Matt Silver Range

Portable, lightweight airless pump bottles with

a matt silver collar, bottom and cap.

The 150ml is placed on a shiny platform against a grainy white background with a circle in the middle.

150ml Natural & White

Large natural airless pump bottle with

anti-clogging pump and dispense features.

Benefits Your End User Loves


Completely shifting from ordinary packaging to airless packaging is seamless with No Minimum Order Quantities to abide by. With more than 10 years' worth of combined staff experience - you can be certain that we will be here for you at every step towards building your dream product catalog.

To request your samples, send us a message on

The bottom end of a white airless pump bottle shows, right next to text that describes what the bottle is.

At Your Service

At Floraison we pride ourselves in serving both newly-established and well-established beauty brands with the same vigor - whether your products are filled in bulk at a specialized filling company or whether you fill the products yourself at home; we will do our best to tend to your needs and offer you a sustainable solution. You can personally collect the items. Alternatively, simply opt for delivery to wherever you are located in South Africa! East London. Durban. Mbombela. Johannesburg. Cape Town. 

Whether it is samples or an actual order; rest assured that your goods will be delivered in no time!

Floraison's premium quality packaging solutions can contain and dispense a wide range of cosmetic/pharmaceutical products including liquid, cream and foam. The 100ml Clear & White Foam Pump bottle is exclusively designed to contain and dispense products that turn into foam.

A decorative graphic shape with a transparent background.
Text that reads 100ml Clear & White foam pum, with a short description.
An image of the 100ml White Foam Pump botle against a graphic shape in the background.
A picture of three clear and matte airless pump bottles floating against a cloudy background. There's text that describes what the bottles are.

Clear & Matt 15ml

Super portable and glossy as well - the 15ml Clear & Matt Silver is single-walled with a transparent body and a matt silver bottom and cap for a superb finish.

White and shiny airless pump bottles floating against a cloudy background

White & Silver 50ml

This is a double-walled bottle with a transparent outer bottle, a white inner bottle and a shiny silver to finish the glossy appearance. 

A transparent effect image with a transparent background and a line at the bottom of the image


Work with Us

A graphic illustration of the flower icon found in the Floraison Cosmetic Packaging logo
A set of airless pump bottles arranged in a symetric manner.
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