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3 Organizations Shaping A Gender Equal Society, Today

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

On the 9th of August 1956, approximately 20 000 South African women of all races marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to appeal against a set of pass laws that effectively rendered all the people of South Africa in an unfavorable position. While the march may have been about more than women’s rights in particular, it certainly did draw significant attention to issues faced by all women. Today, women do not have to face challenges in isolation and they do not have to stage marches to express their views. While this is partly due to local laws that enable female emancipation and a gender equal society – organizations borne of driven women are the true lifeline behind total female inclusion in all spheres of business, technology and science. The operations conducted by these groups are forming a gender-equal future society where all women and men of all colors enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

Below are 3 of many organizations your brand can consider partnering with to build a gender equal society:

She Leads Africa

She Leads Africa is an organization that is aimed at promoting, uplifting and showcasing driven women in Africa. The movement offers several programs for women to join such as a High Growth Coaching Program where participants undergo a 3-month program designed to support and assist them in obtaining funding and establishing networks.

Numerous events are organized and held by the group where women are provided with a platform to establish and join networks while also encouraged to initiate strategic partnerships. To learn more about and to support She Leads Africa, visit their website on or join their social "tribe" by liking their page on

Future Females

Future Females is a platform that is aimed at providing an environment where aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs can connect and support one another. With a large following of over 23,900 inspired women go-getters, the organization behind the platform drive the noteworthy rate at which aspiring female entrepreneurs are building businesses in Africa.

Women who are part of the community have access to key resources such as education, mentorship programs and information on funding and capital. You can learn more about Future Females by following them on

Mentorship Movement South Africa

National Mentorship Movement is a South African non-profit organization that is focused on building a better South Africa through enabled mentorship and better-motivated citizens. The platform enables mentees who have a strong desire to grow and thrive to find suitable mentors with whom to foster an entrepreneurial and personal relationship with, which is built on trust and the mutual objective of growth and progress. Aspiring female entrepreneurs are encouraged to use the platform to find and collaborate with experienced female mentors who will assist them in forming a formidable business and personal life vision and how to go about growing into it as individuals and as business women. To sign up to be a mentor, visit the National Mentorship Movement website on

While partnering with pro women-empowerment organizations is of great social and reputational merit for your beauty and wellness brand – this Women’s Day, consider partnering with similar organizations of the same kind, in your personal capacity as well. We will be sharing a number of ways you can simultaneously celebrate Women’s Day all the while changing someone’s life, forever.


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