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7 Hair Care Products That Are Airless Bottle Compatible

The hair care market is broad and well spread-out due to the endless variety of hair types and the solutions that are available to cater to the inconveniences endured by the masses. If you are running a beauty and hair brand or salon and have been wondering whether or not airless container items can contain and dispense your unique hair solutions; here is a list of hair product types that are compatible with airless packaging:

Serum: Unlike most products, only a tiny bit of hair serum is applied to hair before and/or during styling. Hair serums protect hair against humidity and prevent hair from frizzing in damp air all the while ensuring that your hair remains and appears super-smooth.

Mousse: In order to keep hair in a specific style or shape – hair mousse is used. Hair mousse is colloquially called “Styling Foam” and helps to stiffen hair and add volume. The 100ml Clear & White Foam Pump bottle on the Floraison products catalogue is exclusively made for seamless mousse and foam solutions dispensing. Explore the Foam Pump bottle here:

Volumizer: Similar to many hair products – volumizer does not come in a single form. Volumizers can range from super-runny to slightly puffy or creamy all the while fulfilling the same purpose – to enliven thin or flat hair by adding volume and shine.

Condition Mask: Hair days differ and no two days are ever the same. Hair condition masks prevent and aid in treating damaged hair while also making sure hair looks healthy while the remedying takes place.

Leave-In Conditioner: Unlike traditional conditioner and other types of conditioner, leave-in conditioners are not washed out after application. Used to protect strands from damage and unforeseen damage-inducing occurrences such as hot temperature, hair pulling or decreased blood flow to the hair follicles by wearing head items that wrap too tight onto hair.

Dry Shampoo: Used to clean hair without the use of water; dry shampoo allows styling of hair without having to quickly wash hair in a skirmish. Dry shampoo, like other types of hair products, is available in more than one type including in paste or gel – although much less common.

Hair Oils: Hair oils are used to prevent hair breakage and split ends by application to hair and lubricating the strands. Hair oils provide actual nourishment to hair and scalp while simultaneously lending a gleaming shine.

The above listed product types have sub-product types which accommodate other unmentioned forms of uncommon hair problems. Are you behind an innovative hair product type that solves a problem for a very distinct type of hair group?

Tell us more about your unique hair product and we will be happy to recommend packaging options that ought to ensure your product deservedly gets noticed on launch. Visit to chat.


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