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CBD Infused Products + Airless Packaging = A Perfect Match

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Now more than ever before – CBD oil is being studied for possessing the medicinal qualities suitable for treating and easing symptoms of many common health issues including depression, anxiety, heart disease and even acne! Medical professionals all around the globe have endorsed CBD-infused products as appropriate natural alternatives to treat and relieve symptoms in patients with cancer. So, it must be said – we’re dealing with a very significant product type here.

At Floraison we realize the important role CBD-infused products can play in society and how valuable the cause towards the efficient distribution and use of CBD-infused products is and we have thus found it necessary to share some insights on how our airless pump bottles play a role in improving the quality of life for many individuals out there.

People who are suffering from the above-mentioned medical complications are required to make use of CBD-products that are of high quality and fresh. In order to ensure that the CBD-infused product contains and maintains the highest concentrations of CBD and other constituents of the hemp plant such as terpenes – a little extra care is necessary in order to preserve the quality of these potent yet vulnerable compounds.

The little extra care comes in the form of double-walled airless packaging options similar to the Airless 120ml White & Matt Silver pump bottle, which is perfectly suitable for the esteemed role of keeping CBD products at their tiptop state from the filling station to the store shelf to the bathroom cabinets of each and every one of your satisfied customers.

Due to the bottle structure and the double wall feature – the CBD skincare product that is contained is protected against direct sunlight and heat – which may compromise the quality of the CBD infused product.

By having CBD products contained in bottles that prevent sunlight and heat from making contact with the final product – you can rest assured that all of your oils, creams and supplements are still of the highest quality when customers purchase and use them for the first time, and will remain in the same excellent state throughout use until depletion.

Speaking of depletion – airless pump bottles dispense 99% of the contents which will ensure that your customers get the maximum value from each purchase.

All of the container items in stock at Floraison are suitable for printing and labelling thus users can be as informed as is possible regarding the magical benefits of CBD should you decide to print information about the product on the bottle.

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