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Studies Show That Consumers Buy the Product and the Packaging, Simultaneously

Updated: May 3, 2021

Age-old wisdom tells us not to judge books by their covers. But market analysis suggests that consumers judge products by their covers all the time.

"Spice it Up a Little Bit!"

While packaging feats are constantly set and achieved in the beauty industries in well-developed nations - the efficiency and primary importance of packaging remains neglected in developing countries such as Argentina, South Africa and Lebanon. Furthermore, this neglect is evident on a continental scale, such as apparent in Africa & South America. Still, the value of the global packaging market is a multi-billion dollar industry, which has been erroneously perceived as mainly "belonging" to developed and industrialized countries.

Due to intense competition from and between well-established cosmeceutical brands and online-based beauty brands and ultimately a highly saturated market and a confused customer – practitioners and experts of marketing and sales have come to focus on the key role of packaging in fostering product sales (as opposed to just highlighting the benefits of the beauty product alone).

In modern sale systems - packaging, which is commonly employed and advocated in developed and industrialized countries, it has become one of the most important aspects in product promotion and sales. This is due to the fact that in trading systems, where online shopping has taken precedence over in-store shopping (and experiencing the product first hand) - the closest a consumer can get with a product is no longer through a salespersons or the shelve but through the packaging. With online shopping – there’s only the appearance and if the appearance of the cosmetic product is mediocre and there isn’t a salesperson to convince the doubting customer - preference will go to the better packaged product regardless of the benefits.

Discomfort with the 'Ugly' Bottle

It is crystal clear that poor appearance and design of packaging has detrimental effects on consumers' attitudes and lead to poor sales performance in both the mid and long-term for the product in question.


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