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Discover: The Lip Balm Tube

Updated: Jan 11

Lip balms are one of the most popular type of self-care product. They are used by both men and women and are considered by many as essential. Due to their popularity; every brand that produces these, aims to make their lip balm product stand out - by way of packaging.

There are many types of lip balm packaging options with unique advantages and disadvantages.

The three main types are: sticks, jars and tubes. Sticks and tubes are ideal for solid, hardened products such as lip balm and deodorant bar. Packaging items with twist-wheel mechanisms are more hygienic than their jar counterparts in the sense that you do not have to make physical contact with the balm in order to apply it.

Lip balm tubes provide the user with an option to apply the lip balm by a mere twist. Similar to sticks, lip balm tubes often have a lid that covers the balm and protects the contents from heat, dirt and bacteria.

While tube packaging items are commonly used to store lip products; they can also be used to contain other types of products. These may include products such as deodorant sticks, speciality soap, and pharmaceutical salve used for bruises and wounds.

The 15ml Deodorant/Lipbalm Tube is available at Floraison Cosmetic Packaging for ordering. Minimum order quantities do not apply.

To sample this item, get in touch with us at or call 087 265 5939.


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