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3 Ways Durable Packaging Can Save the Planet

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Less Rubbish in The Oceans and Rivers

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine the lifecycle of a squeeze tube. It ends in tears, doesn’t it? A squeeze tube, like any other ‘one-time use’ packaging item, is more likely destined to end up in the environment than a durable packaging item would. The former can only be disposed of (since it cannot be refilled) while the latter can last years even decades in the bathroom cabinet. Durable packaging items can be used continuously for a wide range of functions other than for containing the initial cosmetic product.

A range of eco friendly plastic airless pump bottles appear in an organized manner on a  white surface. Visit the Floraison products page to explore some plastic and glass airless pump bottles in South Africa.  For the best looking eco friendly cosmetic packaging in South Africa.
Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging South Africa

More Revenue at Less Risk to the Environment

While there are some cosmetic product manufacturers and businesses that have not caught up to this marvellous trend as of yet – it is worth reconsidering for anyone who runs or manages a cosmetic/wellness brand and/or retailer. Beauty companies all around the globe that utilize airless packaging to contain their products are encouraging their customers to join their ‘refill and save’ programs. In these programs, customers have the option of having their used-up bottles refilled with new contents. The customers are then remunerated with 'discounts' or 'points' for having done so.

Everybody benefits. The customers save money on refills. More return-customers for the company. And, last but certainly not least – less bottles make it to the dumpsites and to the rivers and oceans

“It Was A Real Challenge to Use …”

Nothing beats pinching yourself while trying to ‘squeeze’ out the last bit of the cream from the now defunct squeeze tube. Not only will you not get 100% of your product (unless you cut the tube down the middle and use an object to scrape the last speck of cream at which point the packaging is completely beyond repair and cannot be used again). But, you might also discover that the tube might not end up being recycled due to reasons beyond you.

Durable packaging like the airless packaging items we offer at Floraison dispense the product completely at no extra effort from the user (they’re super easy to use and there is no cutting or squeezing involved.) all the while being suitable for further unlimited use.


All around the globe; businesses and customers have teamed up together to work towards a greener future and to tackle the effects of plastic pollution. Consider playing a part in saving the planet by visiting the products page on the Floraison website to discover durable cosmetic packaging items which barely make it to the ecosystem.

Here's a link to an article on a list of proudly South African eco friendly skincare and beauty brands you can support to push the eco-friendly agenda:


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