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Embracing Change in 2021

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

With Ultra-Modern Cosmetic Packaging Solutions that Set Your Beauty / Wellness Brand Apart

A Brave New World

Brand competitiveness depends on presentation now more than it did a decade ago. Younger generations of consumers have grown up with media and services that are available at the push of a button, anytime and at any place. The ability to purchase anything from the comfort of home. This has been coined as the 'Amazon Effect'. Consequently, people are more comfortable now more than ever to purchase a product purely based on how it looks on a picture.* Maybe the product description may sway them towards buying - but the product image has the final authority, consumer psychologists argue.

Contending with the New Normal

This paradigm shift has been largely influenced by the recent lockdown structure that was implemented in countries all around the globe where civilians were encouraged to stay home and avoid crowded public spaces.

This unprecedented practice affected business in numerous ways: while brands who had a strong online presence flourished during these times; the lesser ‘tech-savy’ beauty and wellness brands were left unimpressed by the sudden decrease in public interest and sales.

Best Looking Product, Wins

While it may not be too obvious - one of the main reasons some businesses had to grapple a little harder to stay afloat during lockdown isn’t primarily because of their ‘untech-saviness’ but possibly because of the way their products look. Yes, product appearance.

Because of the nature of online shopping - customers are more likely to purchase a product based on how it looks on the picture. Factors such as the store ambiance, the touch and feel of the product and weight are simply thrown out of the window when a customer encounters a product on an online product shelf.

While strict lockdown laws may have been eased - a large percentage of the South African population has adapted to this type of lifestyle during the 7-month ‘hard’ curfew. More and more South Africans are purchasing their beauty and wellness products over the internet and they do not spare themselves any amusement while doing so.

As the end of the year comes closer and a new year dawns upon us - consider upgrading from ordinary packaging to ultra-modern and chic packaging that stands out, lures the customer over and makes them fall in deep love with your brand at an instant.


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