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How Airless Packaging Is Quickly Becoming The Packaging Standard & Why You Need To Get On Board Too

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Did you know that over 40% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if the product is packaged in packaging that has a luxurious appearance as opposed to packaging that looks normal?

The impact packaging has on consumers has always been a profound issue, mainly because it affects sales and consequently, growth and expansion. While this is evident in most spheres of commerce including in food, fashion and technology – this is especially the case in the cosmetic industry where appearance and ease of use is of primary importance.

Customers prefer their cosmetic products stylish and easy to use. Several studies have proven time and again, the importance of prioritizing the customer experience. Ensuring that the packaging you utilize for your beauty product creates a positive experience for the customer is of critical importance. Their experience with your product determines how they perceive your brand and products. If the product is great to look at, and in addition, is fun to use – then you can rest assured that repeat customers are bound to knock your door down in search of your products.

Airless pump bottles fulfil all of the above mentioned prerequisites in the sense that they’re often great too look at because of their minimal, usually glossy appearance. Also, they're actually great to use and are hygienic as the user does not have to make contact with the contents in order to apply the skincare product.

Here are a few reasons why big beauty corporations have made the switch to airless and why your company would consider doing the same thing:

1. Protects Active Ingredients & Increases Shelf Life

Airless pump bottles are, well – airless. This means that no air comes in contact with the contained product. This is especially vital for beauty and skincare products with ingredients that are sensitive to airless and external ingredients such as water or dust. Airless pump bottles are also known to incorporate an extra bottle, which renders them as double-walled. Double-walled containers are containers with two or more bottles containing the bottled product. Double-walled airless pump bottles can be found in opaque or completely transparent. The opaque versions protects the content from sunlight, humidity and temperature. The same can be said of the airless bottle with a transparent outer bottle as the inner bottle is completely opaque. Factors such as sunlight and humidity can drastically affect the quality of the contained product. Airless pump bottles do away with this issue.

2. Easy to Use, Refill and Reuse

In addition to the luxurious appearance, airless pump bottles are designed with an ergonomic pump with a smooth pressing pad for maximum comfort and ease. The user can dispense the product with a simple press of the actuator, without much force. The airless pump bottles make use of piston technology to ensure that the product is always ready to be dispensed so there are no episodes of repeated pressing to get the product to come out. While the airless pump bottles aren’t flat; they can still be operated in whichever orientation they happen to be in at the time of use. The contained product can be dispensed while the bottle is held upright, horizontally or in any skewed manner. The piston technology utilized by airless pump bottles ensures that at least 95% of the total contained product gets dispensed. In the case that the supplier wants to refill and resell/reuse the container; this is possible. Airless pump bottles can be sterilized and reused once after the initial product has been depleted.

3. User Friendly

Among the primary concerns end-users of any type of packaging struggle with is the safety and reliability of the containers in question. Airless pump bottles are durable and portable – making them ideal for households with children. Airless pump bottles are vacuum-sealed and tamper-proof. End-users of airless pump bottles can rest assured that the bottle will not shatter to pieces in the event of landing awkwardly on a hard surface, or the concern of having foreign ingredients due to being exposed to dust and/or water.

4. In Conclusion

Image and appearance plays a big role in commerce, especially in the beauty and wellness sector. The appearance and functionality of packaging plays a vital role and is an important consideration for any skincare line, of any size. This is due to the impact packaging has on the overall brand image as well as in fostering brand recognition, improving sales and shaping a positive perspective in the minds of customers and partner companies.

To receive more information on airless packaging, where to find us in South Africa to order your bottles or to tell us more about your skincare brand and what you want to achieve with premium quality packaging, simply send us an email, fill out one of the forms found on the Floraison website or call us on 087 265 5939 today.


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