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Massage Oil Types and Which Airless Items Suit Them Best

An Ancient Practice

Massage is one of the oldest and most used forms of health and body care and has been relied upon for centuries all around the world. Rub and massage treatments are effective against a wide array of conditions including post-operative pain, chronic back pain and fatigue. There are various types of massage oils. Below are three well known but perhaps not so common edible massage oil types (Yes, you read that right) and their uses:

Olive Oil

Olive oil is generally used as a food preparation oil for its abundant nutrients. The wholesome nutrients remain intact when the oil is used for massage purposes and applied on skin. Olive oil massages provide overall relaxation and reduce dry skin. Unlike most of the oils we cover in this feature, olive oil is a heavy oil and is slightly firmer. For olive oil we recommend the Airless 120ml White & Matt Silver which has a large pump capable of dispensing both runny and firm oils with the same ease.

Coconut Oil

A well-known favorite; coconut oil is stacked with a multitude of nutrients as well, including Vitamin E. Coconut oil contains triglycerides which make it perfectly suitable for deep tissue and muscle massages. While deep topical application to the body relieves muscle tension, the oil is also known to fight psoriasis, reduce skin aging and moisturize the skin. With a striking light yellow appearance; coconut oil matches the Airless clear and shiny range. The range consists of transparent-bodied bottles with polished silver collars and caps.

Sunflower Oil

Containing the highest percentage of oleic and linoleic acids - sunflower oil is the most effective at yielding a radiant and smooth textured skin. Regular sunflower oil massages improve the pace at which skin cells repair and regenerate themselves. While sunflower oil is well understood as being a pro-food preparation oil, it has its non-food related benefits as mentioned above. Due to its "gleam and glossy" appearance - it has been decided that the Airless 150ml Natural & White bottle is the most suitable to contain the oil as the bottle is semi-transparent and the golden oil is clearly visible from within the bottle item.

Share Your Thoughts

There's a whole host of edible oils that are commonly used for massage that we have not covered. Share your opinion with us! Which massage oil do you prefer on your skin and which bottle would you like it in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on our social accounts!

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