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Moms Love Airless: Here's Why

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you’re a well-informed and ambitious entrepreneur ready to start on your journey to building a legacy in the beauty and wellness space; you’re at the right place and - at the right time. While starting a business or improving aspects of an already established enterprise is not all too easy – having that extra information at hand could positively influence your decisions and radically affect your business both in the mid and long-term.

Today we are sharing a list of reasons why both parents and care-takers appreciate certain types of cosmetic packaging over others. As you embark on your product-building journey – it is highly recommended that you opt for services, products and packaging that is as user-friendly as is possible. Since airless packaging items can be used for a wide range of product types, it may be exactly what you are looking for since the bottles can be used by both mommies, daddies and single persons alike.

Here are five reasons why mommies (and daddies) love products that are packaged in airless containers:

1. The Containers Are Easy to Store

Bathroom cabinets can only be so large and there is usually a multitude number of skin and makeup products already stacked in there. So, it is common understanding that whatever space is left in the cabinet must be used with ruthless efficiency. While this may be a challenge faced by many consumers; users of products that are packaged in airless containers face it less often. The airless bottles in stock range from large (200ml) to super portable (15ml) while carrying out the same task effortlessly. In addition to being easy to store away from little fiddly fingers; an airless bottle item can withstand an awkward landing should a child fidget and drop it in the absence of a caretaker.

2. The Containers are Toddlerproof

It is reported that William Sidis began reading by the tender age of 18 months. Whether or not he could perfectly operate a pump bottle after popping off the tightly screwed on lid – is still up for debate. However, the jury is out on that one and it is very unlikely that he could. Like most toddlers, William was probably too occupied with his birthday suit to even bother with mommy’s skincare products. Nevertheless, any parent can rest assured that there will not be an enormous spillage should a toddler get in contact with a skincare product that is stored in an airless container.

3. The Containers are Pretty Durable

This reason relates to a point that we mentioned earlier. Toddlers and older children may drop an item while fiddling in the bathroom cabinet or carrying it. An airless container item has a better probability of remaining intact after an awkward landing due to mishandling as opposed to glass containers and containers that are susceptible to spillage such as jars with loose lids and unscrewed dropper bottles.

4. The Containers are Reusable

Surely all mommies (and daddies) want a better future for their little ones and would happily contribute to a cleaner and better planet earth in the future by opting for products that are packaged in resuable containers instead of single-use containers – but, that would be a little too far-fetched. For something more immediate and current; consider how many large a number of parents actually have their own concoctions formulated for unique skin and hair conditions. After product completion, airless container items can be sterilized and reused by moms at home for their own distinct potions.

5. The Airless Container Items Come in Numerous Sizes

If a large number of your customers are moms; chances are that they might purchase skincare products based on how often they are able to make a trip to the skincare shop. Surveys conducted by consumer psychologists have shown that the less a mom is able to travel to the store; the more they purchase of whatever they will be needing in the interim. Airless containers tend to this concern as they are available in numerous volumes that are able to store and dispense the same product effectively. Larger containers for moms who spend long periods of time not making trips to the skincare boutique. Smaller containers for moms who prefer that the product depletes a little quicker so that they have reason to take a quick trip to the skincare boutique again.

In Conclusion

Moms have high standards for everything that may affect the wellbeing of their babies, their family and themselves. Products endure a strict evaluation during a mom’s purchasing process and only the best are considered. If you’re about to launch a new range and are unsure of what type of packaging to settle for; consider packaging that is best for both non-parents and parents alike.

For expert packaging recommendations, email with your inquiry and our sales manager will happily assist you in deciding on packaging that is great for your customers and your brand.


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