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Product First Impression: Why Appearance Can Make or Break the Sale

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Other than the traditional understanding that packaging is mainly to contain the contents inside the container and to prevent the contents from breaking or spilling – packaging has, over the decades, come to mean something completely different.

In the modern era, packaging plays a key part in communicating value and marketing a brand image that matches the value proposition. In order to achieve this, brands carry out practices such as: printing an icon, logo or images on the packaging, which identifies the brand behind the finished product. Along with the logo, the weight or size of the product, instructions for using the product, a nutritional value table, and sometimes but not always, a short description about the product or the manufacturer - these are often presented on the packaging as well .

The Packaging and The Advertising as One

Some brands go as far as to advertise additional product lines on the packaging of a particular product. (which may or may not compliment the product in question) The type of ‘artwork’ on the packaging is also largely influenced by the advertising and promotional campaigns linked to the product – the packaging of the product must be consistent with the campaign visuals. This means that packaging plays an overall integral role in both brand and product positioning.

First, and Final Impression

Consumers perceive a brand depending on the appearance of its products. The style and appearance of the packaging makes an impression on a potential buyer, who then forms an opinion about the product or the brand behind the product; which ultimately determines whether or not the customer will commit to purchasing the product or not. All of this, by a mere glance.

These aspects have become principal while the actual function of ‘containing and preserving’ the product has become secondary.

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