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Serious About 'Refilling & Replenishing' a Greener Future

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Packaging in the cosmetics and wellness sector has come a long way. Over the last century, we have indeed witnessed various transformations from both manufacturers and consumers.

A decade ago – the efficacy of great packaging largely depended on how much a piece of packaging can contain and dispense which naturally led manufacturers to produce large quantities of enormous non-eco-friendly packaging items which were both undegradable and unreusable (in other words, destined to cause harm to the environment). This practice, as history has shown, contributed to a growing ecological risk that would ultimately unfurl and pose a great threat to the environment.

A much needed paradigm has since then slowly taken grasp of the cosmetic packaging sector and a deep sense of concern and responsibility towards the environment has become a norm, where durable and refillable, green or biodegradable packaging solutions are a set standard.

The narrative has gone from; how big can we make a bottle, to, how much harm can we spare the environment.

At Floraison, we are proud to supply cosmetic packaging solutions that are durable, refillable and reusable. By supplying items which barely make it to the environment - we encourage enviro-friendly practices from within and from without – consciously taking the necessary steps to prevent further ecological harm all the while providing families with quality packaging that is easy and fun to use and to reuse again.


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