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Tips: Spring Time Spray Tanning

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

After months of keeping covered, the sun is finally out and spring has sprung. If you happen to be among those who truly revere "glow" during summer, here are a few steps we have shared to help you achieve the sun-kissed, natural looking tan you want this spring and right into summer:

Tip 1: Stay Rehydrated

In order to maintain soft, smooth and tanned skin during spring and well into the summer - keeping your skin nourished is crucial. The trick is to avoid having dry skin. If there was ever a right time

for consistent over-indulgent oil baths - this is it. Make sure to apply a healthy dose of body oil after the bath to completely do away with dry skin.

Tip 2: Exfoliate

Spring and summer have only a few drawbacks - one of which is sunburn if you happen to have missed putting on sunscreen. Gentle exfoliation may assist in getting rid of dry and rugged skin and thus ensure that the tan is even - despite unplanned exposure to UV rays.

Tip 3: Tan

There are numerous types of tan products for different types of skin and tones. Before applying that self-tan product, it is recommended that you nourish your skin beforehand with an oil-free body cream to achieve that natural finish you want. Use a tan product and method of tanning that is most suitable for you and the type of appearance you are aiming for.

In addition to being a time when we welcome Spring season in South Africa - the month of September is also the time during which all South Africans celebrate and foster greater social cohesion, nation building and a shared national identity. So when you're out in the sun on a braai or hitting the beach with your friends and family on Heritage Day - remember to recollect one or all of the tan-friendly tips we have shared!

If you're in the business of providing tanning services and products - we have a wide range of premium quality packaging items suitable for containing and dispensing tan cream, liquid and oil products. For expert packaging recommendations, email with your inquiry and our sales manager will happily assist you in deciding on packaging that is best-suited for your customers and your brand.


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