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Airless Cosmetic Bottle FAQ & Answers

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Airless cosmetic bottles are lightweight and easy to use - the specially designed container allows the consumer to access all of the content inside the bottle - a feature that lacks in ordinary pump systems. Furthermore, the packaging solutions are visually pleasing, lightweight and easy to use - for both shopper and supplier. Here are some answers to make your transition from ordinary packaging to airless packaging that much smoother.

What is an airless cosmetic pump bottle?

An airless cosmetic pump bottle is a plastic pump bottle that dispenses the skincare/makeup/cosmeceutical product without taking in any air. This type of cosmetic pump bottle does not contain a tube inside the bottle and is thus not susceptible to blockage.

How does an airless cosmetic pump bottle work?

The cosmetic pump bottle combines a pump and a specially designed container that does not contain a tube inside and is airtight. The specially designed container has a piston at the very bottom of the container that rises, ‘pushes’ and dispenses the contents out of the botte as you pump.

How do you manually refill an airless cosmetic pump bottle?

  1. Unscrew the pump by the bottle’s collar.

  2. Use a thin and long object like a chopstick, a toothpick or a pen. Insert the object into the container bottle. Push down the piston that has risen to the top after use (Piston may not be at the top if the bottle is new and has never been used. If so, skip this step and proceed to step number 3). Use object to push the piston down until it rests at the very bottom of the container bottle.

  3. Pour contents of your choice into the opening at the top of the container bottle. You may inject the contents into the container bottle using a syringe for maximum precision. You may also use a measuring cup for precision. Fill the container bottle to desired height.

  4. Screw the pump/actuator back on tightly.

  5. Should the contents not fill the container bottle to the maximum; squeeze the pump repeatedly in order to push the contents to the top and get rid of remaining "space". Do this until the contents are dispensed from the pump.

Can you reuse airless cosmetic pump bottles?

Yes. Airless pump bottles can be reused after being refilled. The contents inside the bottle can be replenished and restored for reuse with plastic airless pump bottles. In addition, because the airless bottle technology keeps air away from the product, this increases shelf life of the life product dramatically.

Where can I get quality airless cosmetic packaging in South Africa?

If you are considering revamping the appearance of your beauty range by adding airless pump bottle items, you're always welcome to contact Floraison Cosmetic Packaging at 010 224 0338 or by email on We're open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday during which you can visit our showroom on 98 Richards Drive, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685.

Can I sample the cosmetic packaging items before I commit to buying substantial quantities?

Yes. At Floraison Cosmetic Packaging we do not have have Minimum Order Quantities so you can purchase from a single item to as many items as you need for your unique requirements such as for sampling or buying and selling in small quantities.

Since the early 2000's, beauty product consumers became increasingly desensitized towards big-budget advertising for ordinary products - thus expectations for superior packaging and performance have increased tremendously during the last decade.

For more information on airless cosmetic pump bottles, follow Floraison Cosmetic Packaging on social media using @floraisonsa. For immediate assistance regarding ordering your own airless cosmetic pump bottles, call 087 265 5939 or email

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Khushbu Kumari
Khushbu Kumari
Jul 02, 2021

According to Value Market Research, the latest technology trends and global market opportunity analysis in the Airless Packaging Market industry growing with a high CAGR in the upcoming year. Our report has categorized the market based on technology, service, development, vertical and region.

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