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Homemade Argan Oil and Egg Hair Mask

While spring season slowly bows out; the summer heat can already be felt in certain parts of the country. With weather conditions like these; missing an appointment or cutting a shopping trip short becomes a usual occurrence. It is on these unfortunate occasions where DIY must be carried out with meticulous precision - at least, until your next appointment, or until the heat simmers down a bit.

So, what is DIY? DIY stands for "do it yourself." The most important thing about home-made formulae like the Argan Oil & Egg Hair Mask concoction is the fact that you're certain that the ingredients are completely natural, harmless and won't damage your hair or scalp until your next appointment with your hairstylist. Furthermore, the egg is a great source of protein. Protein is essential when it comes to hair. It is used to build tissue cells that help in keeping your hair growing and well.

Ingredients for the Argan Oil and Egg Hair Mask recipe are as follows: Egg yolk, and a healthy dosage of Argan oil to use. The age old mask solution can be achieved by mixing the Argan oil

with the egg yolk using a tablespoon and then applying the concoction to hair by massaging it gently into the strands. The mask is then washed out after some time and the hair rinsed thoroughly with hands.

While making hair-care concoctions at home is a daunting task and not for the faint of heart; the practice of formulating selfcare potions at home to aid certain conditions unique to different types of hair (or skin) is not an entirely new one. There's an endless variety of hair types and sometimes, very unique concoctions have to be produced in order to deal with the challenges that come with some types of hair. Homemade, or colloquially called, "handmade" products, are unique "formulations" that have been developed to deal with "special" conditions unique to individuals.

Homemade concoctions such as the Argan Oil and Egg Hair Mask are not replacements for actual haircare products that have been formulated by experts; handmade concoctions are there for mere emergency such as in the case of a missed hair appointment or to simply compliment aspects of a strict haircare regimen. It is strictly advised that in the case of making homemade concoctions; suitable storage options be considered for temporarily storing the blend. Airless pump bottle containers are durable and refillable. It is recommended that the bottle items be sterilized before the refilling process. To read more on how to sterilize and fill an empty airless pump bottle with content; read here:

If you're in the business of 100% natural homemade beauty products done by hand and you're looking to settle for pretty, eco-friendly and practical packaging items - consider sending an inquiry our way for expert packaging recommendations. Email with your inquiry and our sales manager will happily assist you in deciding on packaging that is great for your customers and your growing brand alike.


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